Mountain Biking is for Girls

Hi ladies. We want to especially invite YOU to come try mountain biking. Our team is co-ed meaning girls and boys ride together with female and male coaches. We are beginner friendly. Our goals are to have fun, make friends and try something new. 

Bring a friend or many friends. We've got the bikes and equipment for you to give mountain biking a try. You'll leave a ride feeling empowered, challenged, strong and with a huge smile on your face. If you like riding with us, we've got a bike for you to take home with you for the season (yes, you can ride it whenever you like!). 

Mountain biking is for girls. Girls in Richmond. African American girls. Latina girls. White girls. Asian girls. Muslim girls. ALL girls. Come ride with us. 

Say hello. Come ride with us. 


Phone/Text: (510) 974-3154

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