First Team Practice in the Books

On Sunday December 17th Richmond Composite had our first team practice ever! Six students and four coaches showed up to ride. Three loaner bikes were given to kids to take home as well as gloves, helmets and a LOT of amazing cycling gear for everyone. 


We met at Alvarado Park and did some bike safety checks and fits for all the new riders. Then we circled up and kicked off our first season by practicing on a skills course in a grassy area mastering the ready position, cornering, braking and climbing before splitting into groups to hit the open trail.  


We made our way in two groups, climbing up to the northern most part of Wildcat Park along a trail called Bonita. Then we rode our first proper singletrack trails through a network of open meadows and trails. We met up at a place we call “The Bench” because the view is incredible and there is an iconic bench sitting high above the park looking out to all of the Bay Area. 


We did our first time trial on a little .4 mile section of mixed fire road and singletrack and then ripped down the trails we’d ridden up back to the meet up spot. 

We’re thrilled to start this team. There’s still time to come check out Richmond Composite. We’ll be accepting new riders until January 21st. Get in touch!