Celebrating the Fun Rides

Hands went in after every ride. Four photos from four Fun Rides. 

Hands went in after every ride. Four photos from four Fun Rides. 

After four successful Fun Rides at four different Richmond parks, we're ready to start the season. But before we do that, lets celebrate how fun those Fun Rides really were! Here's a look at the Fun Rides (Click each ride for Photos):

Ride #1 - October 22nd @ Nichol Park

Ride #2 - November 4th @ Miller/Knox Park

Ride #3 - November 12th @ Alvarado Park

Ride #4 - December 3rd @ Point Pinole

All told we had 16 different students representing 7 different high schools in the area attend a Fun Ride as well as 9 different Richmond Composite coaches and 3 Trips for Kids staff. We also had 3 rockstar parents jump on a bike to ride with us too! Over 40 students reached out to RSVP for a Fun Ride which was amazing to know that 40 high school students in the area were interested in getting out and mountain biking with us this Fall. That's a lot of numbers yes, but somehow they don't all add up to equal the amount of fun we had. That number is uncalculateable, but if we had to wager, we'd say we had more fun than trees have leaves, or something in that range.


Students who attended a Fun Ride reported highlights such as loving to get outside, being active, eating snacks, climbing (yes, climbing!), seeing the bay, views from high up in the hills overlooking Richmond, riding singletrack, meeting new friends and learning new skills.

Why did students join a Fun Ride?

"It's going to be a great opportunity to keep my mind fresh and share experiences with new people." - Harrison
"Because i love to bike and i especially love nature and ive never been out that much of my house." - Monserrat
"I wanted to try something new." -Vicente 

What's Next?

We're going to start our season shortly. We'll be having a couple of events to help students and their families learn more about what it means to be on a high school mountain bike team and then we'll start riding together weekly! Stay tuned to get involved. We'd love to have you join #RichmondComposite