The Family Grows

It's with great pleasure that we welcome two new riders to the Richmond Composite family--Sergio and Lily. Learn a bit more about these two amazing people below in these interviews. 



Lily is a Senior at Richmond High and new to mountain biking. She's the first female rider in the history of Richmond Composite and is a second generation US citizen of Laotian decent. Lily is a quick learner and we are so happy to welcome her to our team. Now hear from her about her experience thus far.

Q: What got you interested in mountain biking?

L: My teacher was advertising the club in class and it looked cool. I wanted to join but I had to make time for it. The first time I went mountain biking was with a friend who I ride with from Richmond to the Albany Bulb. After that I wanted to keep biking more because there’s other benefits to it.

Q: Who is a teammate you are proud of/impressed by and what about them do you appreciate?

L: I’m impressed by Jacob. My first practice he was there all geared up and gave me some tips to help me out. He was pushing through up the trails and he kept going. It was cool to see that he didn’t give up.

Q: What have you accomplished within mountain biking/the team?

L: I’d say getting to your final destination is rewarding because you ride from one place all the way to the other. You get to be outside and view the scenery and I enjoyed it.



Sergio is a Freshman at Richmond High. His family is originally from the Chila region of Mexico. He has two siblings, a cat "Gato" and likes to fish and hang out with friends. Sergio had his road bike stolen this past Fall and is stoked to be trying out mountain biking with the team on a bike with shocks for the first time. Now hear from Sergio. 

Q: What have you accomplished within mountain biking/the team?

S: On Thursday I only walked once and I'm trying to accomplished that.

Q: How has participating with Richmond Composite changed you?

S: It changed me by who I am and full of experience.

Q: Any thanks/shout outs you want to give?

A: For Coach Levitt for telling be about this Mountain bike team.