What’s this team about?


This team is about kids in Richmond getting the opportunity to try something exciting, challenging and new. This team is about encouraging brave youth to be pioneers in their families, schools, friend circles and the community. The team is about creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported to try, fall, get up and try again. 

This team is about introducing local youth to the parks, trails and beautiful ecosystems that are in their collective backyard. The team is about unlocking the potential of students to explore their city and surroundings on their own with confidence and familiarity. This team is about adults sharing their passion for mountain biking adventures. 

This team is about building community. This team is a chance for people across town, race, socioeconomic status and language to come together. This team is about practicing humility and building a culture of “I/You/We can”.

This team is about mountain biking, yeah, but it’s really about a lot more.