First Trip to China Camp

Lucas practicing cornering technique on one of the many switchbacks. 

Lucas practicing cornering technique on one of the many switchbacks. 

We took our first trip across the Richmond Bridge to ride the famous China Camp loop in San Rafael this past Sunday.  Nine miles of flowy singletrack, Bay and Redwood trees, sweeping views and a lot of good practice for our young riders. Here are the highlights. 

We warmed up for the ride by practicing switchbacks. William and Lucas were smooth like butter on these tough 180 degree turns uphill and down!


At the end of the ride is when looked back on where we'd been that day. Lucas and William had to figure out where we started and which trails we took by using the map. Lucas found the "You are here" arrow to help orient him to our location. Then we traced our way around China Camp on our first great loop as a team. What an accomplishment!


William spotted the first newt of the season on the side of the trail while taking a break. You never know what you're going to see when you slow down for a moment on trail. 


About halfway through the loop the trail opens up and you can see the Richmond Bridge in the background as well as the San Pablo Bay. This is a great spot for a photo. 


We got lucky and ran into the Albany High School MTB team who were out in force practicing some race loops and race starts. It was great to see some familiar (and friendly) faces and see a big team in action, all kitted up in their Albany High cycling gear, working hard for the season. We'll be there someday. We were humbled and inspired. 


William got a pair of cycling shoes at a recent MTB skills camp. Now all he needed were the SPD pedals to pair with them. After practice William learned how to change pedals using a pedal wrench and some grease. After practice he took his first real ride around his neighborhood to practice the sensation of clipping in and out of the pedals. William is the first Richmond Composite student to try clipless pedals. We're looking forward to getting more kids "clipped in" soon. Lead the way William!